Cosmetic Surgeries of Face



Blepharoplasty/Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids. It gives a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding areas of your eyes, making you look more rested and alert. This surgery removes loose sagging skin, muscles and fat deposits in the upper or lower eyelids. This rejuvenated eyes, which appear to open wider, and look more rested.

Why you want it ?

As you age, your eyelids stretch, and the muscles supporting them weaken. As a result, excess fat may gather above and below your eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids and bags under your eyes. This single thing adds the most years to your overall appearance. Youth and vibrancy can be restored to your face with expertly crafted eyelid surgery.


Many people express satisfaction with the results of blepharoplasty, such as a more rested and youthful appearance and more self-confidence. For some people, results of surgery may last a lifetime. For others, droopy eyelids may recur. Bruising and swelling generally subside in 10 to 14 days, which may be when you feel comfortable going out in public again. Scars from the surgical cuts may take months to fade. Take care to protect your delicate eyelid skin from too much sun exposure.

What is the cost of Blepharoplasty?

The cost of eyelid surgery for upper eyelids is around 45 thousands and for lower eyelids is 50 thousands.



Many individuals wish that they were born with charming dimples to enhance or beautify their face. Across cultures dimples are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. Also, dimples help enrich a smile and add character to it. A dimple is the natural outcome of a small defect within the muscle. The skin puckers on the underlying tissue, creating the effect of a dimple in the cheek when one smiles.

What is the cost of Dimple Surgery?

The cost of Dimple Surgery is around 30 thousands for one side and 50 thousand for both sides.




Rhinoplasty, “nose job” or “nose reshaping” enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It is done to correct breathing problems related to the nose (Septoplasty) and to correct disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects (Rhinoplasty) and when combined together known as Septorhinoplasty. Since, the nose is the central most part of the face, therefore is very important aesthetically. Small nasal adjustments and refinements can result in a striking impact on appearance. The main aim of rhinoplasty is to make improvement in the shape of nose in relation to facial structures, not the perfection.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that requires experience, good aesthetic perception, and continuous training by the surgeon. The most important factor that influences success is probably your choice of rhinoplasty surgeon and realistic expectations of the patients. For detail information regarding Rhinoplasty, please go through Rhinoplasty heading.



A chin augmentation is one of the most powerful cosmetic procedures available. When performed correctly, it’s capable of creating a more attractive profile, defining the jaw line and bringing balance and harmony to the face. In chin implant surgeries, the planes of your face are changed with specially formed biocompatible implants such as silicone, gortex etc.

This surgery involves inserting a chin implant to create a symmetrical and well-defined jawline. It’s a powerful approach that can transform your entire face and improve the contour of your neck. The cost of Chin Augmentation is around 1 lakh including Silicone implants.

Scar Revision


Scar revision is surgery to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. It also restores function, and corrects skin changes (disfigurement) caused by an injury, wound, poor healing, or previous surgery. Very large injuries (such as burns) can cause loss of a large area of skin and may form hypertrophic scars. Surgery removes extra scar tissue.

It may involve a series of small cuts (incisions) on both sides of the scar site, which create V-shaped skin flaps (Z-plasty). The result is a thin, less noticeable scar, because a Z-plasty may reorient the scar. It follows the natural skin folds and releases tightness in the scar, but lengthens the scar during the process. The cost of Scar Revision ranges from 10-50 thousands.



Moles and Warts are commonly seen in most of the adult population. While some moles can be a sign of skin cancer, they are rarely a cause for concern. Even though moles are common and often harmless, many people still want to get them removed because they find their moles unattractive. Excision of moles on the face and neck region can enhance the face aesthetically.

Removing moles can cause a minimal scar, however these scar fades away in around 3-6 months of time. Depending on the size of the mole and the technique used by the surgeon to remove it, scarring is minimal. Individuals considering mole removal should consult regarding the potential of scarring before having the procedure. The cost of Mole/Warts removal surgery ranges from 7 thousands to 30 thousands depending on the size and numbers.


A facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure designed to smooth and firm the skin, providing a fresh, youthful appearance. Throughout one’s life, the sun’s radiation, stress, gravity, and other factors cause the skin to sag and fit more loosely. Areas of the face and neck, particularly in the jaw line are especially more prone to the aging process. Though these changes are gradual, wrinkles and other signs of ageing can make individuals feel older than they really are. What is a facelift ?: A facelift is surgery that helps to rejuvenate your facial appearance by tightening the muscles in your face and neck, while removing excess skin, fat and deep tissue. Why you want it: You want to restore your youthful appearance. Aging affects everyone, but it doesn't affect us all at the same rate. If you feel, looking in the mirror, that sagging facial skin, jowls and wrinkles are making you look older than you are, a facelift can change all that.


Lip reduction is done to reduce the excess volume in the lips, restoring balance and harmony to the facial features. This procedure is called Cheiloplasty. It corrects uneven lip lines and other abnormalities which cause the lips to visually overpower other facial features. Although lip reduction surgery is a simple and safe procedure. It requires a delicate touch to ensure lip lines are preserved and overall symmetry is achieved. For minor correction, Fillers are used for lip augmentation and for major correction, silicone is used.


Ear correction surgery, where the ears are pinned back, is known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty. The cosmetic surgery procedure is used to change the size or shape of the ears, or to pin them back if they stick out. Pinnaplasty is performed under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the age of the patient. The operation usually takes about one to two hours. The surgeon will make a cut to the back of the ear and peel off some skin from the cartilage. The shape of the cartilage is changed so that the ear is closer to the head. The doctor can also correct the symmetry of the ears too. The wounds are then closed with stitches and a dressing is applied. Following surgery, the ears may be sore, tender or numb for a few days and the patient may need to wear a bandage around their head. They will not be able to wash their hair for a few days whilst leaving the dressing on to protect the ears from infection. It is useful to sleep upright for a few nights following surgery.

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